Perfect Zen Body Lotion


The perfect combination of deep hydration and lightweight texture, this natural body lotion is perfect for all skin types. Its light enough for summer, yet rich enough for winter, providing soothing hydration all year long.

*Pairs well with URSA Major's Citrus Riot Body Wash

Material: Aloe, Meadowfoam, Sunflower, and Lavender (all ingredients can be found here).

Made by: URSA Major

Made in: Waterbury, VT USA

Specifications: 8 Fl Oz.

Directions: Apply lotion after you shower or bathe and rub it in 'til fully absorbed. Add another layer to extra-dry areas.

Further Reading: 

  • Provides deep hydration without feeling heavy
  • Soothes and conditions skin
  • Relieves dryness and itchiness
  • Velvety, fast-absorbing texture

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