Carbon Blade Folding Knife


Featuring the Virobloc Safety ring, invented and implemented in 1955 by Marcel Opinel, this simple yet effective blade locking system greatly improved the already superior design of the Opinel pocket knife. 

Materials: Carbon (X90) and Beech wood

Made by: Opinel

Made in: Savoie, France


No. 6- Blade Length: 2 14/16"; Open Length: 6 1/2"; 1.2 oz.

No. 7- Blade Length: 3 3/16"; Open Length: 7 1/16"; 1.3 oz.

No. 8- Blade Length: 3 1/4"; Open Length: 7 1/2"; 1.6 oz.

No. 9- Blade Length: 3 1/2"; Open Length: 8 1/4"; 2 oz.

*MUST KNOW BEFORE PURCHASING A CARBON BLADE KNIFE. Avoid leaving your carbon knife in damp environments for too long. Place a little food grade mineral oil on all metal parts regularly. Dry the blade using a dry cloth after each use. Opinel carbon knife blades are made using steels with a high carbon content, which is what makes it possible to achieve the excellent hardness after heat treatment, guaranteeing  the strength of the cutting edge, resistance to wear and easy of sharpening. The hardness obtained after heat treatment are theoretically slightly greater in steels that do not contain chrome. The cutting strength is therefore better with a carbon steel knife and sharpening is much easier than sharpening of stainless steel blades which contain chrome. However, carbon has a low resistance to corrosion caused by moisture, which means that certain precautionary measures are necessary when using and storing a carbon knives: we recommend that you avoid damp environments and that you dry the blade after each use.

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