Old Fashioned Rouge Cocktail Mixer


A handmade New Orleans style Old Fashioned cocktail mixer crafted by bartenders using wormwood, fennel and gentian root, imparting the strong and bittersweet essence of licorice, spice and absinthe. 

Colored scarlet red with a centuries-old, natural technique using Cochineal beetles from South America, a method for dying foods still commonly used throughout the world today. Barrel aged in Willett Family Reserve Rye Whiskey barrels. 

Mix a 1:4 ratio of mixer to rye, or other aged spirit, and stir with ice. Strain into rocks glass and garnish with a lemon twist. 

Materials: Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Water, Fresh Lemon Peel, Spices, Wormwood, Gentian Root, Tartaric Acid, Cochineal (Red Beetle)

Made by: Bittermilk

Made in: South Caroline, USA

Specifications: 8.5 fl. oz. 

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