No. 819 Berry Pomp Tea

Paper and Tea

A flamboyant caffeine-free organic fruit tea made of rich berries and refined blossoms. “Nothing succeeds like excess”, a certain favorite savant of taste and life once asserted. We certainly think so, and super-charged this fruity cup to the brim with pure, exuberant black and red berry power delight.

Materials: elderberries* (38%), hibiscus flowers*, apple bits*, beetroot bits*, citrus peels*, strawberry bits* (3%), rose petals*, black currants* (1%), blueberries* (1%), cherries*

*certified organic

Made by: Paper and Tea

Made in: Berlin, Germany

Specifications: 100 g

Use: 2 infusions; 5g (2 tsp) per 250ml (8.5 oz) of water @ 100C (212F)

Further Reading:

*Notes of forest berries, blueberry, cherry, hibiscus

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