No. 718 Hariman Classic Chai

Paper and Tea

An energizing organic chai made of malty black tea with traditional warming spices. In India, chai recipes are closely guarded family secrets. We’ll reveal at least this much: Just the right side of spicy, our savory blend of fine, restorative Masala spices meets its perfect match in the full-bodied, malty depth of a rich Assam black tea.

Materials: Indian black tea* (55%), carob bits*, cinnamon*, cardamom seeds*, ginger*, fennel*, cloves*, green cardamom*, pepper*

*certified organic

    Made by: Paper and Tea

    Made in: Berlin, Germany

    Specifications: 100g

    Use: 1 infusion; 2 tsp per 250ml (8.5 oz) of water @ 90C (195F) for 4 min

    Further Reading: notes of malt, cinnamon and clove

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