No. 2 Roll-on Essential Oil Perfume

Marble & Milkweed

Perfume serum no. 2 is a voluptuous blend of tuberose, saffron and wild sweet orange, complemented by neroli, sandalwood and ginger, and supported by vanilla and a gentle dab of botanical musk. Rich and exotic, our no. 2 fragrance is inspired by dreams of palace gardens at dusk and the heady and magical scent in the souk where the flower-seller stands next to the spice merchant. The base of organic jojoba oil feels like nectar and nourishes the skin wherever it is worn.

Materials: (their proprietary blend of 100% botanical essential oils and absolutes) saffron, tuberose, orange blossom, wild sweet orange, bitter orange, neroli, ginger, sandalwood, vanilla, ambrette seed

Made by: Marble & Milkweed

Made in: NYC, USA

Specifications: 5 grams of botanical fragrance with a glass roller-ball for application.

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