Moonshine Reserve Cologne

EastWest Bottlers

Moonshine Reserve is a tribute to the original woodsy cologne by Eastwest Bottlers, elevated to bring a new intensity to the rustic fragrance. Including notes of pepper, linen, tobacco, aged leather, and Appalachian gin, this classic gentleman's scent is made in Texas with the highest legal concentration of essences. 

Encased in a copper tin, reminiscent of old moonshine stills, and wrapped in a hand-stitched leather carrier, Moonshine Reserve is the superior scent for today's discerning gent.

Materials: Water, Fragrance, Alcohol

Made by: EastWest Bottlers

Made in: Austin, TX

Specifications: 3.4 Fl Ounces / 100 ML; Package includes cologne, burlap travel sack, and copper storage box.

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