Garden Sacks

Modern Sprout

Features a self-watering container hidden inside an up-cycled burlap coffee bean sack. “Wicking,” a passive hydroponic method, ensures the growing medium stays moist while providing space for oxygen, creating the perfect balance of water, nutrients and air.


  • Certified Organic Seeds 
  • Certified Organic Plant Food
  • Composted Bark Seed Starter Cubes
  • Recycled Glass Growing Medium
  • SmartPot™ Liner
  • Upcycled Coffee Bean Sack
  • Polypro Wicks
  • Reservoir
  • Water Level Gauge
  • Simple Instructions

Made by: Modern Sprout

Made in: Awesomely assembled in the USA.


Size: 9” h x 9” w
Weight: 2lb

*Designed for outdoor or indoor use and to be reused.