Mint Latte

Copper Cow Coffee

From the connoisseurs of Vietnamese pour-over coffee comes a smooth and refreshing Mint Latte with real organic mint leaves folded into their signature Vietnamese blend, designed to infuse a delightful minty herbal flavor into a rich brew, made creamy with Copper Cow's sweetened creamers. 

Ingredients: Creamer: milk, sugar. Coffee: organic Vietnamese coffee, mint leaves.

Made by: Copper Cow Coffee

Made in: Los Angeles and Vietnam

Specifications: 5 black single-serving (biodegradable) pour over coffee filters filled with sustainably sourced ground coffee beans from Vietnam and 5 single-serving Copper Cow creamers. 

Use: Simply pour hot water over the drip filters for a fresh cup of high-quality coffee and add sweetened creamer to taste. Perfect for on-the-go 

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