Marvel Safety Razor

You'll immediately feel the remarkable shaving comfort the Fine Marvel Safety Razor provides, but you'll have to wait until your shave is completed to appreciate its efficiency.  In fact, you should't be surprised if this "Marvel" of a razor can actually shorten your usual routine!

A quintessential example of form following function in design, the Fine "Marvel" Safety Razor was built on the premise that it should be comfortable to use, yet highly efficient at mowing down stubble.  After scrutinizing every aspect of safety razor design, Mr. Fine produced a razor to accomplish just that. The result is truly a Marvel of engineering, which sports a precisely arched blade suspended over a large, comforting safety bar. 

Materials: Precision Molded Zinc Alloy Construction with Chrome Electroplating

Made by: Fine Accoutrements

Made in: China

Specifications: Weight: 3.3 oz (93 g), Height: 3.425” (87 mm), Blades not included

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