Makeup Remover

LM Organics

All natural makeup remover made from 100% organic ingredients that safely and effectively clears away any cosmetics you apply throughout the day. To use, simply dab a q-tip, or a facial round, with the mixture and easily wipe away makeup. 

*Shake well before each use to reincorporate oils properly. Separation is natural and should be expected.*

Materials:  witch hazel, sweet almond oil, non-gmo vitamin E oil, rose absolute, essential oils of lavender, rosemary & lemon

Made by:  LM Organics

Made in:  Texas, USA

Specifications:  4oz. 

Further Reading:  Founded by a mom who wanted safer baby care products, LM Organics began selling its goods at local farmer's markets and craft fairs. After just a few years, the owner, Denise, felt it was time to grow the skincare line to include products for the entire household and now has a selection that includes insect repellent and even makeup remover.

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