Limestone Eau De Parfum

Thorn + Bloom

"Day breaks on a shady Grecian citrus grove perched upon a coastal cliff. A meander through the fragrant maze of Lime and Bergamot trees reveals an artesian spring, bubbling up from the depths of ancient bedrock. As you slip into the crystal clear water, you're instantly awakened by the mingling scents of zesty Limes and cool Minerals. A faint hint of roasted Seashells escapes from a nearby kiln, as they are ground into a fine powder and mixed with local sea water. This traditional 'limewash', or 'whitewash', is painted on the delicate citrus tree bark to offer protection against sun-scald, creating a surreal Mediterranean landscape of stark white skeletal trunks against a backdrop of vibrant green foliage." -Thorn + Bloom

Top:  lime, bergamot, coriander, green peppercorn
Heart: jasmine, champaca, cilantro
Base: roasted seashells, costus root, frankincense

Materials: USDA organic grape alcohol (triple filtered), parfum (100% natural aromatics)

*All blends are made with over 90% USDA certified organic ingredients.

Made by: Thorn + Bloom

Made in: Boston, MA

Specifications: 7.5 mL spray or 4 mL roll on



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