La Compagnie Du Kraft Refillable iKone Leather Journal Refill

These journal refills fit the La Compagnie Du Kraft iKone Leather Journal

An eco-friendly alternative to single-use spiral bound notepads, the Le Kraft iKone Leather Journal is endlessly refillable. When you purchase a new journal refill and recycle the old one, you are making a conscious decision to send less waste to our landfills. 

The unbleached, undyed kraft paper used for these journal refills is made from the by-products of forest maintenance (branches and tops of trees, wood that has been pruned or thinned) and wood processing (falls and sawmill wastes) of the maritime pine forests of Gascogne, France. 

Made by: Le Kraft

Made in: France

Materialsunbleached, undyed kraft paper

Specifications: 2.36" x 4.72" 

Further Reading: 

In the 1930s, La Compagnie du Kraft started making notebooks in France for forest rangers and lumberjacks. Crafted from leather and undyed kraft paper, they were built to be rugged and repairable. 

Today, Le Kraft journals are still just as durable, and the thoughtful craftsmanship and fine materials that go into hand-making each of them has earned them a place in the hearts of fine stationery enthusiasts everywhere. Because they are made responsibly and can be refilled, they are also searched out by those looking to make eco-conscious choices for their personal, work, or school writing needs. 


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