Heleanna Coffee Beans

Barista Parlor

This offering hails from Kochere, Ethiopia through the hands of the esteemed Heleanna Georgalis who was also responsible for Sunyirga. Heleanna labels her coffees “extra hand-picked.” Her approach is a bit different from other producers: she purchases high quality coffees through the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange and then re-hand-sorts them for further quality. Most exporters will purchase a coffee from the ECX and ship it right out to their facilities. Heleanna picks back through to ensure quality is at its highest standards.

Kochere is situated just outside of the city of Yirgachefe, but its washing stations are part of the Yirgacheffe Farmer’s Co-op Union, which holds a high processing standard to begin. Arguably one of the world’s best coffee growing micro-climates, this cup reflects some of the best attributes coffee has to offer: delightful sweetness, bursting with citrus, and held together with a rich, deep floral nose. This is a benchmark washed Ethiopian." -Barista Parlor

Materials: Craft Coffee

Made by: Barista Parlor

Made in: Beans- Heleanna Georgalis – Moplaco Trading Co. – Kochere, Ethiopia; Roasted in Nashville

Specifications: 225 g

Origin: Heleanna Georgalis – Moplaco Trading Co. – Kochere, Ethiopia
Taste Notes: orange blossom honey, dates, papaya 
Process: Washed
Varieties: Heirlooms
Elevation: 1800-2100masl

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