It's my Folding Knife Kit

Japanese-based Fedeca believes that small, handheld knives like this one connect us to nature. Easily stowed in a pocket or knapsack, they are useful tools for carving small pieces of wood on the trail, taking cuttings in the garden, and sharing food on a picnic.

This unique kit makes a thoughtful and functional gift. Each paper-bound packet contains the components needed to assemble a folding knife, including a beech wood handle, a double-edge Blue Paper Steel blade, and stainless steel hardware. 

The unfinished wood handle can be carved and sanded for a custom, ergonomic shape, then oiled, stained or painted to your liking.

Materials: blue paper steel blade, beech wood handle, stainless steel hardware

Made by: Fedeca

Made in: Japan


Folded: 5.8"
Unfolded: 8.7"
Blade length: 3.7"
Thickness: 0.08"

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