Human Repair Case

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Welly's Human Repair Case contains 30 flex fabric bandages and handy on-the-go sized packs of their triple antibiotic ointment, a hydrocortizone cream for skin irritation and rashes, and their Clean Hands hand sanitizer, all packaged in a reusable tin. Sometimes a life well-lived comes with bumps & bruises along the way. Be prepared with a well-stocked kit! And when your case is empty, restock it with Bravery Badge Refills, Clean Hands Refills, and Bravery Balm Refills. 

Materials:bandages: latex-free flex fabric

Made by: Welly

Made in: China 

Specifications:15 flex fabric bandages, 0.75" x 3", 15 bandages 0.63" x 2.25", 3 triple antibiotic 0.5g, 3 1% hydrocortizone 0.9g, 6 hand sanitizer 0.9g

Further Reading: Minnesota-based Welly makes playful and functional latex-free bandages in colorful, reusable tins, along with other handy first-aid essentials - for fun & stylish preparedness. 

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