Honey Lollipop

Waxing Kara

Handmade, artisinal lollipops crafted with real, sustainable wildflower honey from Waxing Kara's own bee farm. The perfect little treat for kids and adults, these pops can be enjoyed as they are or even dipped into tea for an added layer of sweetness. Effective for soothing sore and tickled throats on-the-go during the cold and flu season. 

*Price is for single lollipop; not sold in sets.* 

Materials: pure cane sugar, corn syrup (not the high fructose kind), Waxing Kara® Honey, natural flavoring, soy lecithin, canola oil, dark chocolate (May contain Milk. There are no nuts present where these pops are manufactured.)

Made by: Waxing Kara

Made in: Maryland, USA

Specifications: 2" diameter 

Further Reading: As an artist that used encaustic, a beeswax-based paint, Kara Brook first pursued beekeeping as a way to sustainably supply her own paint. After learning about bees and their importance to our environment, Kara soon became so passionate about her bee farms that she began crafting small batch goods made with the honey they produced, giving birth to the Waxing Kara brand. Since launching her business in 2012, Kara has moved her operation into a "honey house" in Maryland and even turned a former 40-acre crop farm into a bee sanctuary, planting high-nectar indigenous plants to keep the bees happy and thriving. 

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