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Do you fancy making high-class restaurant coffee at home? When it comes to preparing coffee in style, nothing comes even close to the Technica vaccum coffee maker. Invented in 1830s in Berlin the vaccum coffee brewer produces remarkable quality coffee. It allows you to be in total control of the whole brewing process.

The syphon coffee maker brews coffee in just a few minutes by contracting and expanding the air pressure in the bottom bowl. Once you add the water and the coffee, the heat source enables the brewer to control the temperature to start the brewing method. The Hario Syphon Technica has a capacity of 600ml so when the coffee is brewed up to 5 people will be able to enjoy mouth-watering vaccum brewed coffee.

A classic way to brew a clean and delicious cup of coffee. Once mastered, impress your friends or simply enjoy a nice coffee yourself. Be sure to study  and experiment to create a perfect coffee for your preference.  A great gift for a coffee lover looking to take their brewing to the next step.

Made by: Hario

Made in: Japan

Materials: Heat resistant glass

Specifications: 5 cups; 16.3" x 4.9" x 6.5" 



Further Reading:

"The earliest glass vacuum pots appear to have been in use in Germany by the 1830’s, as witnessed by a patent filed in France by Mme. Jeanne Richard in 1838. This patent shows a design which which referenced an existing vacuum pot by Loeff of Berlin. The popularity of the vacuum coffee pot spread quickly from Germany to other parts of Europe...The decorative touches reflect the fact that coffee brewing had moved out of the kitchen and into the dining room, where the new glass coffee brewers bestowed prestige upon the hostess, and provided entertainment to her guests." -Brian Harris. Vacuum Coffee Pots: History. (



Hario's 5-cup syphon closely resembles Albert Cohn's design for his percolator, pictured below.


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