Oaxaca Artisans

Hanging Wall Basket

A hanging wall basket woven by artisans in the Sierra Norte de Puebla region in Mexico.

A group of twelve artisans goes into the mountains of the Sierra Norte monthly to harvest the bark of native trees. Fibers from the bark are soaked for twenty days to prepare them for weaving. Once the fibers are ready, they are woven into baskets using a process that takes seventeen hours. The result is a handcrafted basket made from natural materials, ideal for displaying decorative items or for keeping items like produce, reading material, or small linens organized and within reach. Each basket is unique due to the nature of its construction. 

Materials: Natural fibers made from the bark of an endemic tree in the Sierra Norte de Puebla

Made by: Oaxaca Artisans

Made in: Oaxaca, Mexico

Specifications: Approximately 26" x 14" (measurements will vary due to their handmade quality)

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