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Hanging Razor Strop

A leather strop is an essential accessory for anyone who uses a straight razor. Stropping a razor smooths and straightens its edge for better performance. This strop, from Dovo, is made in Germany using vegetable-tanned cowhide and features nickel-plated hardware to facilitate holding the strop under tension when in use. 

Materials: leather, nickel-plated metal

For their strops, Dovo exclusively uses vegetable-tanned cow leather. This technique, also known as "old tanning", prepares the leather for optimal use as a strop. The leather is treated in this way to ensure that it has no scarring or unevenness, making it perfectly suited for stropping straight razors with its supple surface.

Made by: Dovo

Made in:Solingen, Germany

Specifications: 13.8" x 1.8"

Use: Before shaving with a classic straight razor, you should strop it. To do this, you place your blade with the back and the cutting edge on the tightly tensioned strap and pull it without pressure towards the back. Once you have reached the end, turn the blade over the back and repeat the process for the other side. After 10-15 turns, the blade is ready for the perfect shave.


Care: This high-quality strop is made of vegetable-tanned leather. To ensure that it does not dry out, you shouldn’t hang or store it in direct sunlight or near a heat source. You should also avoid storing it in the humidity of the bathroom Occasional polishing with a leather balm preserves the smooth surface of the strop. 

Further Reading: Since 1916, Dovo has been making high-quality straight razors and razor accessories in Solingen, Germany. 

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