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Hand-Poured Axe Balm

Take care of your tools and they will take care of you. When you've left your axe outside, there’s no quicker way to breathe life back into your weathered friend than by applying this Hand-Poured Axe Balm by Straight Grain Supply. It’s the perfect maintenance accessory for on-the-spot applications or treatment before long term storage. The beeswax and boiled linseed oil formula is designed to preserve and protect wooden tool handles and metal blades from moisture and corrosion. The addition of clove oil may have additional rust inhibiting properties and antimicrobial benefits. 

Materials: beeswax, clove oil, boiled linseed oil

Made by: Straight Grain Supply

Made in: Asheville, NC

Specifications: 4 oz. 

Use: Use balm to preserve the wooden handles of axes and other tools such as shovels and picks. Clean and dry the handle before applying the balm. Use mineral spirits if necessary. 

Sand any rough spots with 220 grit sandpaper. Once the handle is clean and dry, use a rag to apply a thin film covering the handle. Allow the balm to penetrate and dry for a few minutes and then buff the handle to remove any excess. For best results, apply a second coat. 

Care: The balm contains boiled linseed oil. Rags saturated with boiled linseed oil release heat when drying and may spontaneously ignite. Saturated rags should be allowed to dry in a ventilated area away from combustible material. Not for consumption. Store at room temperature.

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