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Guy's Grooming Gift Box

Whether your guy is bearded or clean-shaven, intentionally scruffy or carefully coiffed, give them our Guys Grooming Gift Box, and they will enjoy a selection of our best products for cleaning, conditioning, and maintaining both face and beard. Included in this kit is a Rockwell Razors Double-Edge Safety Razor; it’s a must-have for anyone looking to ditch disposables in favor of something more eco-friendly!A can or tube of Italian personal care brand Proraso’s Emollient Shaving Cream guarantees a comfortable shave, and the Brother’s Artisan Oil Shaving Oil can be used as a pre-shave skin conditioner or as a post-shave treatment. No routine would be complete without a deep cleanse, and The Purifying Bar does the trick with tea tree and charcoal. Rounding out the kit is one of SallyeAnder’s Heavy Duty Moisturizers, (either hand or foot therapy) great for sealing in moisture and smoothing out rough spots.

Available in a kraft gift box or a reusable wooden gift box with lid. 

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