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Jack Rudy's Grenadine starts with pomegranate juice from a small family farm in Madera, CA. They juice their fruit whole in a patented press that renders a matchless, robust pomegranate juice. The juice is blended with cane sugar and orange flower water, and is heated to dissolve the sugar while still maintaining the inherent zip of the fresh juice.

Jack Rudy Small Batch Grenadine is rich and full-flavored up front, and then gives way to a bright, almost tropical finish that lifts a drink's profile. Use it to create new cocktails, or to revisit classic drinks like a Ward 8, Jack Rose, El Presidente, or Monkey Gland.

Ingredients: pomegranate juice, cane sugar, orange flower water

Made by: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Made in: Charleston, SC

Specifications: 17 oz.

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El Presidente

In a mixing glass with ice, combine:

  • .75oz aged rum
  • .75oz silver rum
  • .75oz dry vermouth
  • .25oz orange curacao or Grand Marnier
  • .25oz Jack Rudy Grenadine

Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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