Greek Saffron

Curio sources this aromatic saffron from the Kozani region of Greece, which is renowned for producing particularly aromatic and intensely colored saffron. With its figgy flavor and deep color, this saffron is great in baked goods, paella, and other rich dishes.

Botanical Name: crocus sativus
Origin: Kozani region, Greece
Tasting Notes: fresh hay, sweet, fruity, earthy, honey, figs, raisins

Pairs Well With: rice, chicken, desserts

Materials: saffron threads

Made by: Curio Spice Co.

Made in: MA, USA

Specifications: 0.5 g

Use: Steep in warm (not boiling) water for up to 20 minutes before adding threads and steeping water to your dish. For dry recipes like cookies and cakes, grind thoroughly in a mortar and pestle before adding

Further Reading: Prized for thousands of years, the saffron crocus was originally domesticated somewhere around the Mediterranean. Whether it was in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iran and Iraq) or ancient Greece remains debated, but its status as a precious commodity has prevailed down the years. The aromatic, crimson stigma and styles of the crocus flower are painstakingly gathered, dried, and graded to produce the aromatic saffron beloved by gourmands throughout history.

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