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Father's Day Gift Box

Whether he’s a new dad, a not-my-first-rodeo dad, a stepdad, or just someone who has offered the wisdom and guidance of a father figure, give him a gift this Father’s Day that will say “hey thanks” and have him feeling loved and cared for.

We’ve curated a collection of some of our favorite dad-approved products from tried-and-true brands who create with integrity of materials and craftsmanship in mind. In each gift box, we will include: 

  • a bottle of purifying charcoal body wash by Brothers Artisan Oil 
  • our BGS exclusive Warm Leather and Fir Candle by Los Angeles-based PF Candle Co.
  • a box of Stag Safety Matches by Ozark purveyors Mollyjogger
  • Manready Mercantile’s Throne Spray
  • a bar of Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate by Compartés 
  • a utility knife by Opinel 
  • and . . . Pop Rocks!! Just to let your Pops know he rocks. 

Available in a kraft gift box or a reusable wooden gift box with lid

Curated by: Boston General Store

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