Pine Syrup

Dram Apothecary

Pleasantly unique syrup with a refreshing pine flavor profile with hints of citrus and woody spice. Add to a traditional Gin Fizz cocktail recipe to make an Alpine Gin Fizz! Combine with sparkling water to create a refreshing soda or liven up holiday baked goods, meats, and teas.

Made by: Dram Apothecary

Made in: Silver Plume, Colorado USA

Materials: Hand foraged Colorado Pine, organic sugar, Silver Plume spring water, herbs and spices.

Specifications: 8 fl oz. packaged in a gorgeous amber glass bottle with built in flow control. 20 servings per bottle.

Refrigerate after opening, will keep 1-2 months when stored properly, we add NO preservatives to our syrups and improper storage may result in swift spoilage.

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