Don's Old Fashioned Mix

Shrub District

Don's Old Fashioned is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Make the classic cocktail in under 10 seconds.

Like everything Shrub District does , Don's was inspired by what they like to drink. The Old Fashioned is one of their favorite cocktails. It's so simple and elegant, so sophisticated and crowd-pleasing, so delicious and intoxicating.

Yet the Old Fashioned is also often elusive. What they've done is taken each element of the classic and captured it in each bottle of Don's. You'll find the customary two dashes of bitters (their own aromatic formula includes 11 botanicals). You'll find fresh organic orange oil expressed from the peel in every glass. You'll find a touch of sweetness to balance the bitter and tame the spirit.


Filtered water, cane sugar, organic orange oil, Shrub District Aromatic Vinegar Bitters (organic white vinegar, gentian, allspice, quassia, natural flavors)

Made by: Shrub District

Made in: Washington DC, USA

Specifications: 8 fl. oz.

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