Cumin (Ground)

With a name that can be traced directly back to ancient Mesopotamia, cumin has been beloved by gourmands for ages. Earthy, rich and yet bright, cumin forms the backbone of many a spice blend and favorite dish in cuisines from India to Mexico, and everywhere in between. Curio toasts and grinds their high-quality cumin seeds in small batches, so you can have fresh, citrusy cumin on hand for all your cooking needs!

Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum
Tasting Notes: Warm, earthy, strong, citrusy, bright, base-note

Pairs Well With: ground ancho, rice, legumes, meat

Materials: toasted and ground cumin seeds

Made by: Curio Spice Co.

Made in: MA, USA

Specifications: 2 oz. 

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