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Desktop Essentials Gift Box

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Admit it, you saw the picture of this gift box and immediately someone you know popped into your mind. It’s that friend who remembers every city they’ve visited by the tiny stationary shops they found there. It’s the coworker who gets really irritated when people make off with her pens. Or maybe you want this box all for yourself—the creamy pages of a new journal, the satisfying click of a mechanical pencil, the rubbery smell of the elastic bands. Yeah, we’re stationary nerds. We get you. And in this gift box, we’ve included some of our favorites from our Office Supplies section. Here’s what you’ll find in our Desktop Essentials Gift Box, in list form (because we know you like lists): 

  • An About Blanks notebook, made from repurposed book covers (styles may vary)
  • Three of our best-selling writing utensils—you’ll get two different pens and a mechanical pencil
  • A rubber band ball
  • A roll of washi tape (we’ll pick the design for you)
  • A color-block Sakura Retrico eraser
  • Japanese brand Hightide’s handy Pen Hook Clip
  • A box of designer paper clips

Available in a kraft gift box or a reusable wooden gift box with lid. 

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