Congestion Relief Salve

LM Organics

Organic vapor rub designed to safely relieve discomfort caused from cough and congestion. Made without eucalyptus oil (a common ingredient in other congestion relief products) due to its potential to harmfully slow the breathing of children, this salve can be used for everyone, from babies to adults. It's combination of therapeutic essential oils of lavender, blue cyprus, balsam fir, and thyme effectively alleviate chest soreness from cough and cold. 

Materials: grapeseed oil, unrefined coconut, beeswax, non-gmo vitamin e oil, therapeutic grade essential oils: 

Made by:  LM Organics

Made in:  Texas, USA

Specifications:  1 oz. 

Further Reading:  Founded by a mom who wanted safer baby care products, LM Organics began selling its goods at local farmer's markets and craft fairs. After just a few years, the owner, Denise, felt it was time to grow the skincare line to include products for the entire household and now has a selection that includes insect repellent and even makeup remover.

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