Daryl Evans

Colored Vintage Feather Duster

In our quest for the long-lasting and the well-made, we occasionally come across vintage treasures that embody everything we love about items made in a bygone era: natural materials, solid craftsmanship, and good design. 

We recently acquired a collection of vintage brooms and dusters from a member of the Evans Family, owners of an American broom shop. A salesman, craftsman, and collector, our supplier traveled the world gathering brooms, whisks, and dusters. With each piece he acquired, he studied its composition and the techniques with which it was made in an effort to improve his craft. 

We like this collection of dusters for their practicality, their good construction, and the quirky hand-crafted touches that make each one unique. In addition to these colored dusters, we offer natural and multicolored dusters as well.

Materials: wooden handle & feathers

Made by: The Evans Family

Made in: USA

Specifications: Approximately 14"-16" long (± a couple inches)

* Each feather duster is one of a kind. Relative size, shape, color, and design details will differ * 

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