Channel Craft

Classic Toy Tin Series

Since 1983, Channel Craft has been making authentic American toys, games, and puzzles right here in the USA. Their classic toy tin series features games from our childhoods, packaged in nostalgic tins. 

Jumbo Jacks - 5 brass and 5 nickel jacks, 2 balls & 20-page handbook
Marbles - over 48 assorted marbles, 4 large shooters & 20-page handbook
Classic Dominos - a full set of double-six melamine dominos
Tiddly Winks - 36 winks and 6 shooters in 6 colors, 1 scoring platform & 20 page handbook
Ring Toss - wooden rings with a table-top scoring platform

Made by: Channel Craft

Made in: Pennsylvania, USA

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