Citrus Riot Body Wash


This zesty, concentrated body wash gives you a sensational clean without irritating your skin or stripping it of moisture. Its bright citrus aroma spiked with ginger, vetiver, cedar and fir, will leave you zinging in the shower. 

*Pairs well with URSA Major's Perfect Zen Body Lotion

Material: Aloe, Potassium Cocoate, Frankincense, Lime Peel, Ginger, Glycerin 
(all ingredients can be found here).

Made by: URSA Major

Made in: Waterbury, VT USA

Specifications: 8 Fl Oz.

Directions:  Pour nickel sized amount (2-3 pumps) into hands and activate with water, lather up, and rinse well. The secret to this product is getting some water in the mix early on to activate the lather; using more product without adding water will actually lessen the amount of lather you get. Use AM, PM and after exercise for clear, healthy-looking skin.

Further Reading:

  • Thoroughly cleanses without dryness
  • Removes oil and grime
  • Hydrates and soothes
  • Super concentrated formula
  • Contains 100% organic ingredients
  • Comes shower-ready with a reusable pump cap

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