Cheese Knife

R. Murphy Knives

R. Murphy's Utility Cheese Knife is uniquely curved stiff carbon steel 2-3/4 inch blade with hardwood handle and brass rivets.  This knife makes a great cheese, pizza & utility kitchen knife. It will cut easily with minimal pressure and by rocking the blade back and forth along the curve. 

Materials: 1095 Carbon Steel, Hardwood and Brass Rivets

Made by: R. Murphy Knives

Made in: Ayer, MA

Specifications: Blade: 2-3/4"


  • Hand wash and dry after each use.
  • Do not put in dishwasher.
  • Put away dry to prevent rust.
  • As you use your carbon steel knives they will develop a pearlescent patina that will help protect it from rust and stains.
  • To remove any blade stains, lightly scrub with steel wool and household cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend.

Collections: Baking + Cooking, Kitchen

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