Men's Cashmere Double Stripe Socks

The cashmere wool used in these Double Stripe Crew socks creates a sock that is unexpectedly warm and luxuriously soft. Featuring toned heel-toe footbeds and a double-stripe that hits mid-calf, these cashmere crews are both comfortable and colorful. Subtle ribbing adds to an already elevated texture, and ensures these socks stay sturdy in the leg. 

Materials: 86% cashmere, 13% nylon, 1% spandex

Made by: American Trench

Made in: North Carolina, USA

Specifications: One size fits most (US mens 8.5-12.5)

  • Subtle Ribbing 
  • Knit Welt
  • Toned Heel-Toe footbeds 

Care: Machine wash cold, air dry (delicate).

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