Carolina Dirt

Lillie's Q

Natural spice rub made for the barbeque enthusiast at heart. This sugar-based blend is named for Carolina's clay-colored soil and is best used on slow-cooked ribs, pulled pork and another other dry rub recipe. A pro tip for the barbeque beginner, this rub is also the perfect seasoning for french fries. 

Lillie's sauces and rubs are a tribute to the deep-rooted barbeque traditions of the American South. Lillie's Q has a flagship restaurant in Chicago, Illinois where they serve up some of the best smoked meat in the country, as well as a team of experts that travel the BBQ competition circuit, winning awards at renowned events from Memphis to Texas. 

Materials: Paprika and other spices, sugar, brown sugar, salt, dehydrated onion and garlic

Made  by: Lillie's Q 

Made in: Chicago, USA

Specifications: 3.25 fl. oz. 

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