Busa Pocket Knife with Deer Horn Handle

Crafted in a region of Spain known for centuries of expertise in knife-making, this stainless steel pocket knife features a handle made of deer horn. It makes a unique gift for an outdoor enthusiast or anyone who appreciates a well-made pocket knife for camping, foraging, or everyday carry. 

Materials: stainless steel, deer horn

Made by: Pallarès Solsona Knives

Made in:Spain

Specifications: blade length 3.25"; total length 7.25"

Deer horn is a natural material and as such, will vary in color and pattern. Your pocket knife may have a different appearance than the one pictured here. We hope you will accept and embrace these natural differences, as we do! 

Further Reading: Founded in 1917, Pallarès Solsona is one of the few remaining family-owned companies in an area of Spain long known for its knife-making industry. They have managed to adapt to modernization while retaining their traditions of quality and craftsmanship. The result is a selection of knives and tools that are as beautiful as they are functional. 


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