The Trio

Brothers Artisan Oil

A trio of pocket-sized grooming oils that includes one of each scent made by Brothers Artisan Oil. For the beard and hair groomer who wants to change their fragrance from day to day. Each half-ounce bottle is made with a blend of natural oils, so you be sure it's safe to use on your body. 

Materials: argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, blend of essential oils. 

Made by: Brothers Artisan Oil

Made in: Brookline, MA

Specifications: (3)-1/2 oz. bottles; One of each scent (Sage & Mint Forest, Rosewood & Cedarwood, Orange & Grapefruit)


BEARD: Simply massage into beard, preferably after a shower, to lock in moisture and prevent splitting. The amount depends on your beard length--for some courageous stubble, we recommend a dime-sized amount: for respectable scruff, a nickel: for a serious beard, a quarter.

HAIR: Work through wet hair and style as usual, to condition and tame frizz.

SKIN. Everyone's skin is different; start with a little and use more as needed for hydration, pore tightening, blemish control, and preventing ingrown hair.

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