British Brunch Tea, No. 18

A blend of full-bodied Indian Assam teas pairs with Ceylon Dimbula, deep and floral Ceylon Uva, and a bit of smoky Keemun tea from the Anhui Province in China. It's an ideal breakfast tea, but makes a sophisticated cup of tea for any time of day as well. 

Tasting notes: Malt, honey, mineral

Ingredients: second flush Indian Assam, Ceylon Dimbula, Ceylon Uva and Keemun full leaf teas from China

Made by: Steven Smith Teamaker

Made in: Portland, OR

Specifications: 15 sachets per box; loose leaf tin net wt. 3.5oz

Use: For best flavor, bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil (212 degrees). Steep five minutes. 

Further Reading: Smith tea bag sachets are made from a plant-based material that is GMO-free, biodegradable, and free of glue or staples. 

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