Bravery Badges Case - Standard


Welly's Bravery Badges are colorful fabric bandages that come in fun & reusable tins. This case contains 48 standard sized bandages in three bold colors. Each bandage seals on four sides, to help keep out germs and dirt, and are twice as absorbent as other brands. Wear your Welly's like a badge of honor for a life well-lived. And when your case is empty, restock it with Bravery Badge Refills. 

Materials: latex-free flex fabric

Made by: Welly

Made in: China 

Specifications: 48 flex fabric bandages, 0.75" x 3"

Directions:  For use on minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Apply bandage to clean, dry skin. Change daily or when pad becomes wet. 

Further Reading: Minnesota-based Welly makes playful and functional latex-free bandages in colorful, reusable tins, along with other handy first-aid essentials - for fun & stylish preparedness. 

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