Body Cleanser | Prospector Co.

Prospector Co.

This natural cleansing gel contains Organic Calendula, Camomile and Passionflower extracts with Aloe and Vitamin E and its gentle foaming agent cleanses without over drying the skin.


Balsam Cedar- aromatic blend of Balsam and Cedar wood heighten the bathing experience with its rustic scent of aged forest, dampened root and sweet musk undertones.

Burroughs- aromatic wash of freshly chopped forest woods, a dusty carpenter’s workshop and the deep leathered richness of a cobbler’s apron

Vetiver Sage- aromatic blend of Vetiver and Sage heighten the bathing experience with its woody, earthy scent of broken twigs, dampened soil and ceremonial burnings

Bergamot Petitgrain- aromatic blend of Bergamot and Petitgrain heighten the bathing experience with its citrusy, woody-herbaceous scent of broken flowers, fruit rind and grey smoke

Made by: Prospector Co.

Made in: USA

Specifications: 8 oz. pet bottle with aluminum screw-top.

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