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Black Bitters

Dram Black is a shadowy and lavish blend of all herbs black. These are the bitters you want to use to dress up classics like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The flavor is complex, yet blends well with any recipe, sweet or savory.

Flavor profile: deeply layered with bright notes of black cardamom, black tea, sweet black currants and a black pepper finish

Pair with: gin, vodka, bourbon and whiskey, baked goods, spicy asian dishes, smoothies, citrus based drinks like Margaritas or lemonade, coconut milk based recipes or mix with unflavored sparkling water.

Ingredients: non-GMO glycerin, water, *cardamom, *black currants, *hawthorn berry, *fair trade black tea, herbs and spices, lemon salt

* organic ingredients

Made by: Dram Apothecary

Made in: Colorado, USA

Specifications: 4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in drop reducer; alcohol free, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO

Further Reading: 

Cardamom & Cherry Mezcal Sazerac

1 1/2 oz. good Mezcal, we suggest a good base one like Vida
1/2 oz. Absinthe
5 shakes DRAM Black Bitters
1/4 oz. tart black cherry juice to get the classic red color and add a bit of tart acid
flamed orange peel

“Wash” the glass you intend to serve the drink in with absinthe by swirling it around until all sides are coated. The faint of heart will dump the remaining fluid in the glass, we like to leave it for an extra punch of boozy heat. In a separate mixing glass stir the mezcal, pine syrup, bitters and cherry juice with ice. Strain the mixture into the absinthe washed glass and add some fancy ice. Garnish with a flamed orange peel. A simple google search can teach you how to flame an orange peel- we believe in you.

Recipe courtesy of DRAM Apothecary

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