Black Anodized Aluminum Pen

Schon DSGN

Materials: Black Anodized Aluminum with a Fisher Space pen ink cartridge.

Made by: Schon DSGN

Made in: USA (designed in Boston)

Specifications: 1/2" diameter; 4" length (when closed); 1 oz.
*Pen unscrews in the center and turns the pen into a full sized 5 3/4" when the cap is posted on the back.

Further Reading:
"When I initially designed these pens, I was making them one by one in my garage on a vintage Clausing lathe. After sharing these pens with friends and family, I knew it was time to take the leap and launch a small batch production, which I chose to do locally in Massachusetts. The pens are turned from solid barstock and finished to give each different model a distinct look.

The pens you see in this collection are unchanged since I was machining them in my garage, but are now available in a number of materials that each has a distinct feel and weight. From the lightweight Aluminum pens (1oz), mid weight Titanium pen (1.8oz) and heavier Stainless (2.8oz), Brass (3 oz) and Bronze (3.3oz)  pens, the feeling of writing with a solid metal pen is quite unique.

I always had a fascination with heirloom objects or objects built so solidly that they could potentially outlast the user. I hope you enjoy this pen, forever."

-Ian Schon, Creator