Big Ass Brick of Soap

Duke Cannon

A long-lasting, mighty sized brick of soap designed for the working man and made by the working man. Don't weaken your will by lathering up with luxurious wash. Toughen up with a simple soap made with simple ingredients. 

Victory: clean fresh scent, with a hint of grass

Accomplishmentmasculine scent of bergamot and black pepper

Productivity: awakening scent of menthol

Naval Supremacy: refreshing ocean scent 

*A portion of Duke Cannon's proceeds are used to benefit U.S. veterans.* 

Materials: tallow soap base, coconut oil, water, fragrance, steel cut oats

Made by: Duke Cannon

Made in: USA

Specifications: 10 oz.; 2.5" H; 4.6"L; 1.6"W


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