Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder

Brothers Artisan Oil

Tooth powder. It's non-pasty toothpaste. Packed with a whitening punch from activated charcoal, it's good for your teeth, thanks to mineral-rich clay and strengthening xylitol, with some clove powder thrown in for gum health. And it's got all the (organic) minty-freshness you've come to expect from a thing you put on your toothbrush. 


bentonite clay, xylitol, clove powder, organic acacia gum, organic natural flavor, activated charcoal

Made by: Brothers Artisan Oil

Made in: Massachusetts, USA


Use: Dampen toothbrush, dip in powder, brush as usual, grin at your startling charcoal-mouthed reflection, spit, rinse. If any charcoal remains on teeth, it's an indicator that plaque is also still present--you're welcome--and can be removed by brushing those spots with your wet toothbrush.

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