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Vintage Gilbert 33 Pencil

The Gilbert Pencil company was founded in 1830 in France. In the 1960s, they merged with another French company called Conté, joining two long-standing and renowned makers of quality writing utensils. 

The Gilbert 33 pencil was born around the time of this partnership. We obtained a selection of vintage "33's" in each of three hardnesses: No. 1 (B), No. 4 (2H), and No. 5 (3H). 

Made by: Gilbert

Made in: France

Specifications: one pencil, 7" long, no eraser

No. 1 - B: a round, glossy red pencil with gold band and imprint

No. 4 - 2H: a round mustard-yellow pencil with gold band and imprint

No. 5 - 3H: a round olive green pencil with forest green cap, white band, and gold imprint

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