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Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellent

Murphy's Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellant foes on easy with a cool, refreshing scent. 

Powered by the only plant-based active ingredient recommended by the CDC as an alternative to DEET, Murphy's Insect Repellent repels mosquitoes, including those that may carry Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Virus and Chikungunya Virus, for up to 6 hours. Provides 4 hours of protection against deer ticks, which may transmit Lyme disease. Repels Lone Star ticks and Brown dog ticks for more than 8 hours.

Materials: oil of lemon eucalyptus (30%), distilled water, corn ethanol (70%)

Murphy's oil of lemon eucalyptus is carefully harvested by hand using a waste-free, regenerative process for soil and land management.

Made by: Murphy's Naturals

Made in: North Carolina, USA

Specifications: 4 oz.

deet free | plant based

Further Reading: Murphy's Naturals is a certified B Corp and 1% For the Planet member on a mission to do infinite good by prioritizing people and the environment. 

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