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Old Fashioned Bitters Infused Sugar Cubes Variety Gift Set

The ideal gift for the Old Fashioned connoisseur! Yes Cocktail Co's Variety Gift set lets you sample three of their best-selling bitters-infused sugar cube flavors.

Craft the perfect Old Fashioned every time with these organic cane sugar cubes infused with essential oils and bitters. It’s the exact ratio for the classic Old Fashioned Cocktail, conveniently crafted into a single cube. One cube = one Old Fashioned. For mocktails, simply muddle with a splash of water and top up with Sparkling Water!

The Classic old fashioned set features: Classic Old Fashioned, Hickory Smoked Old Fashioned, and Double Oaked Old Fashioned cubes.

cane sugar, aromatic bitters

Made by: Yes Cocktail Co.

Made in: California, USA

Specifications:  3 boxes of bitters cubes, 7 cubes per box

Use: In your favorite glass, add one cube. Add 2 oz bourbon or rye. Muddle cube until fully dissolved in spirit. Add a large ice cube and garnish with an orange twist and cocktail cherry. 

Further Reading: From the very first batch, California-based Yes Cocktail Co. has been committed to using only 100% all-natural fruits, herbs, botanicals, and spices in their craft cocktail supplies, simply because they believe the best cocktails start with the best ingredients. Their recipes are made from scratch with craft spirits in mind; designed to enhance your spirit, not cover it up. 

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