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Rosemary Reset Powder

Rosemary Reset Powder can be used as a general exfoliating cleanser, to spot cleanse acne, or as an all-over mask that balances sebum, cleanses pores, detoxifies, and diminishes the appearance of acne and blemishes while evening out skin tone. Feel radiant results when you replenish with the power of rosemary antioxidant extract. 

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Materials:  pyrophyllite clay, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), antioxidant extract, pearl nacre, activated charcoal, and sodium bicarbonate

Made by:  Living Libations

Made in:  Ontario, Canada

Specifications:  30mL

Use:  Mix with Best Skin Ever or a serum to use as a cleansing mask for acne or an over-all mask to absorb oil and even skin tone. 

  • Extra Exfoliation: add a dash to a damp face cloth and a squirt of Best Skin Ever to boost this gentle method of cleansing
  • Mini-Mask for Acne, Blemish, and Spot Care: activate by adding one drop of Zippity DewDab to a pinch of Rosemary Reset Powder apply to area that needs TLC and leave on for as long as possible or overnight. 
  • With Oil Cleansing: Combine a squirt of Best Skin Ever with a dash of Rosemary Reset Powder and massage into face to cleanse and revive. Rinse. Moisturize.
  • Moisturizing Mask: Combine a squirt of Best Skin Ever with two pinches of Rosemary Reset Powder and apply to face as a mask to deeply rejuvenate skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes. Rinse. Moisturize.
  • Toning Mask: activate by adding pure water to a dash of Rosemary Reset Powder, apply to face, and leave on for ten minutes. Rinse. Wash with Best Skin Ever. Moisturize. 

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