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Office Club Subscription

It’s open enrollment time! BGS Office Club is once again accepting new members. Subscribe today and receive our Summer 2024 box, shipping now. Open enrollment will close in mid-June so sign up today! 


Interested in purchasing a past Office Club box? 

View our Office Club Archives here.


Do you pause excitedly in the moment before pen meets paper, when writing in a journal for the first time? 

Have you ever held a new pencil up to your nose like a cigar to inhale the exquisite aromas of graphite and wood? 

Do you relish the satisfying click of a retractable pen? Or shake boxes of paperclips like tiny maracas? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then congratulations — you're in! We invite you to join our Office Club.

Office Club Subscribers will receive quarterly boxes of various and sundry office supplies, curated by our Boston General Store staff.

As purveyors of unique and useful objects, we commit to sending you fun and functional writing utensils, stationery, and desktop items from makers around the world. 

When you sign up, we'll send you your first box straight away. Subsequent boxes will be mailed on a quarterly basis, and your subscription will automatically renew each quarter. 

Welcome to the club! 

 *This item is not eligible for returns. Standard shipping rates apply.

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